Everyone loves a mystery!

Do you love your own mystery life on a daily basis?  To do this takes a leap of faith - a childlike curiosity-willingness to see opportunity each day and  embrace an emotional journey within, without judgment but encouragement.  Imagine how your own energy will begin to bloom like a flower that searches for sunshine and continues to grow from the rain and nourishment of earth.

You are  learning to  believe in yourself and learn to  listen and then listening to learn to the divine spirit.  This takes courage and practice to develop inner trust is and know when your answer is a Yes - No - or a maybe.  The maybe could mean walk this one  with courage and love and you will one day understand what you don't know now.  Denial is not only encouraged but  is rewarded  in many avenues of life.  I feel like we are each a different tree but part of a big forest.  That is how our own unique journey (the tree) is in life in learning inner trust.

Everything is energy including emotions.  Can people feel it when they go in a building or pick up an object holding an imprint of energy?  Can they allow themselves to always be seeking the Yes - No and Maybe answer even when someone else may not understand. Some of our greatest teachers have had to do that in developing courage.  They learn to listen!  Life wasn't always easy but they followed their heart because they were guided.  Some of these people did not call themselves spiritual they just embraced whatever it was that needed to be done at the time.  They weren't thinking of how big they would become or how powerful they were with their gifts.  They were sharing, knowing that others would learn from their journey, for example people like Helen Keller and Kubler-Ross. They were selfless in the sense they were true to following their heart but always knowing the Yes part of that journey and also the No.  Thank heavens for their courage.

I say this over and over, but every person's gift is valuable.  That inner journey allows us to develop inner trust and a belief in ourselves.

A few very simple things you can do:

Embrace your own journey without judgment.  

When you are able to do that  you give another the freedom to be on their own unique journey  (the tree versus the forest).  If in bliss or challenge, you allow learning and accept the signs you are shown. We get what we need not always what we want.  That is what our soul agreed to before this birth.

Let go of control.

If you are trying to change another person without their asking you are denying them the joy of discovering their own inner journey.  It can't be according to what you want but accepting what is.
We can only change ourselves.

Let go of guilt. 

You can take care of yourself without carrying the world on your shoulders.  Believe in others and know that each person was sent with the tools to create their best life.  Their own unique journey will teach them how to use those tools. 

Take care of yourself!

Create taking care of yourself as fun and play.  If it is another chore it won't be long till you will give up on yourself.

Learn your own spiritual connection and play with it.  

It can be meditation, connection to nature, music, dance.  Let your own discovery and joy and wonder and quietness have fun as you open up to the limitless ways the divine inspires.

I always get signs in weird ways and now I love it!  When I was younger it scared me but now I know whether I am sailing on a cruise, enjoying a picnic or just shopping if I have a question the answer will come in spirit's time not mine.  

Ask for guidance and then learn to interpret the answers.  Inner Trust and validation will
be given to you.  You are never alone and divine spirit wants you to know that.

Share your loving journey of embracing the mystery. It is unimaginable how good that
will feel to you!!!

Good Luck and Thank You Always for allowing me to be part of your journey.

Always ask yourself what do I do to inspire myself daily and do I live in gratitude for the opportunities disguised or hidden in unique experiences?